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Camp Meeting 2014

Camp Meeting 2014 is just around the corner! I believe that the week of Camp Meeting, June 16th – 20th, is going to be life changing for the Texas District. I am asking you to join with me in expectancy and faith!

Allow me to provide you with some of the details and plans for the Camp Meeting. Some of this information has been shared previously; other information is just being made available.

Speakers We have an outstanding line-up of speakers. Our Bible teacher is Bro. Raymond Woodward. Our night evangelists are Bro. Jimmy Toney (Tuesday & Wednesday) and Bro. Anthony Mangun (Thursday & Friday). Our morning devotion speaker will be Bro. R. P. Bell. We will enjoy the ministry of several Texas District ministers during the Camp Meeting: Bro. Allen King, Bro. Ron Wofford, Bro. F. L. Ashley and Bro. David Hunt.

Texas Bible College’s 50th Anniversary Celebration – This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Texas Bible College’s existence and that calls for a celebration! It begins with the TBC Benefit Concert on Monday night sponsored by Texas Ladies Ministries. The concert, as always, will include a broad spectrum of talent, but will include some TBC “blast from the past” groups. Following the concert, there will be a special reception for alumni and their families in the Dining Hall.

UpClose Sessions – Texas District Ministry Development will be hosting UpClose With Raymond Woodward on Thursday morning and UpClose With Anthony Mangun on Friday morning. These sessions, from 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM each morning, are mentoring sessions designed to impact young ministers. They will be held on the second floor of the TBC Dormitory. If you are a young minister – don’t miss this opportunity to get UpClose and have your ministry profoundly affected!

North American Missions Service– Thursday evening will be devoted to a focus on North American Missions in the Texas District. We will Focus on the Field! There will be no pre-service on this evening. The service will begin at 6:30 PM. The evening will include great worship, a keynote and testimonies from past and present Texas District NAM missionaries. We will be taking the Texas District Church in a Day program to a brand new level. The evening will conclude with a message on our mission by Bro. Anthony Mangun.

Texas District Camp Meeting on the Web – There is nothing like being there when it comes to Texas District Camp Meeting!  But if it’s not possible for you to be there in person, you don’t have to be left out. Go to the Texas District website,, during the Camp Meeting to enjoy live streaming of each evening service. Please share this information with your church family.

Pre-Camp Offering – Let’s make history for Camp Meeting 2014!  Let’s have it paid for before we ever arrive!  It takes $42,000.00 to $45,000.00 to underwrite the Camp Meeting. During our sectional conferences we received pre-camp offering commitments of about $27,000.00. That is a tremendous commitment with only about half of our churches pledging.

Can I ask for your help?

  • Those churches that have already committed to the pre-camp offering will be receiving a pledge report. If you have an outstanding pledge amount, please send it in as soon as possible.
  • Those churches that have not yet had opportunity to commit will be given the opportunity to do so in the next couple of weeks. You will be contacted via email, letter or by your presbyter. Your generous response would be appreciated. If you would like to send a commitment by email, please send it to District Secretary, Wendell Elms, at
  • Churches are asked to give $3.00 per person based on the church’s average attendance. For example: A church that averages 50 in attendance would send $3.00 X 50 attendees for a total offering of $150.00. This is a suggested amount. Any amount is appreciated!
  • With the Camp Meeting paid for in advance, we would not have to push for a large offering to pay off outstanding expenses. Our regular evening offerings could go toward enhancements to the Tabernacle or other worthy causes.

Thanks in advance for your assistance! Many hands make for light work! We can easily do this – if we all do it together!

And finally, let’s prepare our hearts for Camp Meeting. Our District Constitution states,“The last week in May is designated annually as a week of prayer and fasting for the Youth Camps, Camp Meeting and the pressing needs of the Texas District.” Would you join with me in fasting and praying for a sovereign move of God at Camp Meeting 2014? Pastors, please ask your churches to join us in this effort, particularly during the week of May 25th – 31th.  If my people . . . humble themselves and pray . . . then will I hear from heaven . . . (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV).

I am in anticipation of great things at Camp Meeting 2014!

Kevin Prince
District Superintendent

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