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Focus on the Field

As we begin 2014, we want to revisit what our life is focused upon and, as importantly, what should be out of focus. Let us adjust the lens that frames our existence. Let us arrive at what really matters and what does not. Let us put the two in sharp contrast.

It is possible to focus on things that are of no consequence while the significant gets lost in the background. The fourth chapter of John illustrates this very point. Jesus had the lost soul of the woman at the well in focus; lunch was out of focus and forgotten. Meanwhile His disciples had gone into Samaria. While it was a town full of lost souls, all they could see was lunch.

Let us consider what we should be focused on in the Texas District. Like the disciples of Jesus in John 4, we are standing in a field that is “white already to harvest.” The Texas District has a population of over 10.6 million people. That number is so staggering it can be difficult to bring into focus, but we are determined to get it within our grasp.

“Focus on the Field . . . If Not Now, When?” is our theme for 2014, but it is more than our theme. It is His theme. It is more than just words. It is His call to action for us. Let us adjust the camera of our personal lives and our churches . . . and let the temporal become hazy and indistinct . . . and bring the lost into sharp focus. Let’s do it now!

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