2018 Crusader Camp:  June 11-15, 2018

[For information pertaining to Junior High and Senior High Youth Camp, click HERE.]  

Crusader Camp, sponsored by the Children’s Ministry Department, is designed as a spiritual retreat for the children of the Texas District United Pentecostal Church. All adults applying to work at this Camp must be a member in good standing of a United Pentecostal Church and have their Pastor’s signature of approval before their application is considered complete. All children and youth registering to attend these camps must have a licensed United Pentecostal Church Pastor’s signature of approval before their registration is considered complete.

Crusader Camp Eventbrite Link: (Opens March 1)

Worker Eventbrite Link: (Opens March 1)

Child Abuse Test Link: Password: 2018test

Click the link below to access documents for printing:
2018 Crusader UPDATED Form (Medical Consent/Pastoral Signature Form for CAMPER)
2018 WORKER Background-Medical Consent and Pastor’s Signature Form (WORKER)
2018 RV Permit Form