2017 Crusader Camp:  June 12-16, 2017

[For information pertaining to Junior High and Senior High Youth Camp, click HERE.]  

Crusader Camp, sponsored by the Sunday School Department, is designed as a spiritual retreat for the children of the Texas District United Pentecostal Church. All adults applying to work at this Camp must be a member in good standing of a United Pentecostal Church and have their Pastor’s signature of approval before their application is considered complete. All children and youth registering to attend these camps must have a licensed United Pentecostal Church Pastor’s signature of approval before their registration is considered complete.

2017 WORKER Registration Process

Youth Camps are successful events due to the incredible workers! People that volunteer their time in order to help create an atmosphere where students can be enriched spiritually. Thank you to all past and future workers!

Below are the links you will need in order to sign up as a worker for the 2017 season:

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Worker Eventbrite (new link as of 10 a.m. on May 31, 2017)

Worker Consent Form

Worker Wufoo Link

You will need to review the Child Abuse Prevention Material and take the Child Abuse Prevention Test. The password for the test is: 2017test

Please complete this process ASAP so that we nothing will stand in your way from joining this awesome event staff! We look forward to working with each of you!

2017 CAMPER Registration Process

Step 1:

Complete the Eventbrite portion of the registration. All payments must be completed through Eventbrite. You will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite whenever your payment is complete.

Camper Eventbrite

Step 2:

Upload the necessary form provided below. Your application (as a camper or worker) IS NOT considered complete unless this form is uploaded to the Wufoo link provided.

Wufoo Link

Camper Consent – updated May 8, 2017

Once you have completed the Medical/Pastoral Consent Form, please scan the document and save it as a pdf. Then upload it to the Wufoo link provided above. Another option is to use the Genius Scan App (available through Google Play & Apple Store) to take a picture and upload it to the wufoo link.

For applicants who cannot submit forms online, they can be mailed to:

Mrs. Laura Grindle
PO Box 37
Alto, TX 75925

Postmark DEADLINE for all mailed forms: May 31, 2017

NOTE: Those who mail in their consent form still must register & pay through the Eventbrite Link 

VACCINATION INFORMATION: NEW for 2017 (updated May 8, 2017)

The Texas Department of State Health Services recommends your camper’s Immunization Record be on file with the Camp Office for medical emergency purposes.  If you have your camper’s Immunization Record, upload a copy of it along with your camper’s Medical Consent Form through Wufoo.

For any questions with the application process, email registration@texasyouth.net

Worker and Camper Policies

Camper Policy

Closed Campus Policy

Day Camper Policy

Golf Cart Policy (NEW)

Head Lice Policy

Camper Packing List

RV Policy

RV Permit Form

Texas District UPC RV Owners Association RV Park Policy

Worker Policy